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How do we pronounce ‘Spark+’?

Generally, we at Virtual Running Club say “SPARK”. The “+” isn’t necessarily pronounced. BUT – that’s not something we’re worried about. Spark+ is designed for you to help you take and keep control of your health and fitness.  If you pronounce the “+”, then that’s great – we’re not going to tell you what it […]

Club 71 becomes Spark+

When we first started developing Spark+, our internal code-name and testing phase name were both Club 71. The reason behind the name was simple: There would be 52 weekly, 12 month, 4 quarterly, 2 biannual and 1 annual challenge(s). Add that up and it equals 71. While this name did capture what we wanted it […]

Getting things set up

We are very excited about getting this new site set up to help launch and manage Virtual Running Club’s new program: Spark+. There are a few more tweaks we need to make behind the scenes and then we’ll be ready to accept new members so we can all spark something exciting in 2020. Look for […]